How to make room and teach mindfulness for the holidays

If you’re a mom and are dreading that the upcoming holidays will completely clutter up your kids room and home, here are my top 3 tips to kick clutter out and invite peace to your home.

  1. Making room for “Santa’s List”

    Once a year before Christmas and or Birthday’s my son and I will take 2 big moving boxes and fill them up with “donations” for the kids that don’t have toys, and trash, for the toys that are broken. We do this to make room for new things to come. It’s a refreshing exercise that teaches your child to be grateful for the things he/she is keeping and the one’s they are deciding to toss, as well as get excited for the new things to come. The more room we make, the more space for the new (which does not mean it has to be replaced by physical stuff by the way).

  2. Talk about experience over stuff

    When I ask my son what he wants for Christmas or his Birthday I usually add the words “to do”. When you ask the question “what do you want to do?” rather than “what do you want to have” you will re frame the assumption that it has to be something material. A friend of mine told me that grandma got her 4 year old son a gift certificate for the local YMCA for Christmas and in the weeks and months to come he still told everyone at the pool proudly that his “grandma got him swim lessons for Christmas”. Experiences often have a longer lasting memory in addition to the relationship factor.

  3. Amazon wishlist’s

    Of course I understand that grandma wants to see her grand child unwrap a gift and see his/her surprised and happy face, that’s what the presents under the tree are all about. I believe balance is everything and to make grandma happy, I suggest creating an Amazon wish list for things such as toys or things your children are asking for through out the year. This list can be easily shared and items can be mindfully purchased knowing that it’s something they have wanted and not just the latest black Friday junk.

Copyright © 2019 by Janine Morales, Certified KonMari™ Consultant, San Diego and Imperial Valley, CA

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